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Affordable Billing Solutions
The provision of billing services is a classic “make vs. buy” decision. Many physician groups have made the decision to outsource these functions to focus their efforts on the clinical aspects of their businesses. The complexity and technology required to conduct these activities are increasingly out of reach for most organizations. Without strong technical expertise in both Billing and IT providers run the risk of costly errors. Even with such in-house expertise, the risk of turnover in key personnel can devastate short-term cash flow.
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When medical care professionals need affordable, reliable claims processing they turn to the professionals at PDQ Billing Services. Our experienced billing and claims specialists provide prompt, courteous collection services while at the same time providing valuable support to your patients. Receiving payment for your services is an integral part of your business; our business is to ensure that you receive these payments in a timely fashion. PDQ Billing Services eliminates the need for in-house claims processing by offering a full range of hassle-free solutions specifically designed for your practice. | Read more
“Being able to focus on clients versus daily operations is a welcomed change in our practice!”
  C.R. Betancur
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