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“Given the current medical/legal environment, evolving industry, constantly changing healthcare regulations and increasing complexities of insurance reimbursement, the question is no longer if you should outsource these critical functions, but how long you can afford not to.”

Several physicians’ groups have already made the decision to outsource billing and claims services in favor of refocusing their efforts on the clinical aspects of their businesses. The complexity and technology required to conduct claims processing is increasingly out of reach for most organizations. Without strong technical/IT expertise and up-to-date knowledge of changing industry procedures health care providers run the risk of making costly errors. Even with in-house processing expertise, the risk of turnover in key personnel can devastate short-term cash flow; in this instance, the question becomes - How long can your practice afford not to outsource critical billing?

  •   Ensure that your claims are properly prepared, efficiently handled and promptly reimbursed

Price and Performance

Many practices emphasize price in their evaluation of outsourced billing services while giving very little thought to overall performance. Prior to opting for the most cost efficient service, remember, the lowest price is not necessarily the best choice for your practice. Amounts saved on lower billing fees may actually cost your practice in terms of total collections. Lower rates often include “additional processing fees” above and beyond quoted service rates. PDQ Billing Services specializes in selecting flexible, affordable service plans to suit the needs of your growing practice. Our personalized, hands-on approach to dealing with patients’ concerns while handling your claims makes us leaders in our industry.

  •  Receive premium, personalized services at reasonable rates


According to the federal government, compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the health care provider; therefore dealing with a reputable company such as PDQ Billing will ensure that strong compliance procedures are adhered to when processing your valuable claims. *PDQ Billing Services strictly adheres to the Medical Billing Professional Code of Ethics

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