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Affordable Billing Solutions

Successfully Convert
Medical services equal cash reimbursement!

The most important part of the billing process is the information you receive that enables you to evaluate payor reimbursement and understand market trends of referrals. This valuable information is critical in making sound business decisions, which is why PDQ Billing Services provides detailed line item reports enabling you to carefully monitor charges, reimbursements and payments. In addition to providing detailed reports, our professional billing agents create monthly statistical reports and spread sheets enabling you to track your business activity and productivity.

Superior Billing
Claims Solutions for Health Care Professionals

PDQ Billing Services is committed to providing exceptional service and personalized patient support. We offer a full range of convenient medical billing services including:

  •  Prompt payment posting
  •  Comprehensive billing reports
  •  Accurate claims preparation, coding and submission
  •  Patient statement preparation and mailing
  •  Collection and analysis of patient information
  •  Courteous, effective collection services
  •  Personal patient support services
  •  Customized business activity and productivity tracking
  •  Fee structure analysis and recommendations
  •  Courteous, continuous follow-up on outstanding claims

Prompt Payment
Fair payment for your services

In order to successfully recover payments from patients, service providers must make it convenient for patients to reach courteous billing agents that can address their questions and concerns in a timely fashion. Whether its ten dollars or ten thousand, one account or one thousand - every cent is important to your business.

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